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Most versatile and durable flooring offering style and large selection of applications for floors and walls of interior and exterior spaces.

Kissimmee’s most popular flooring choice is Tile, wether it ceramic tile or porcelain tile, some prefer stone or glass, depending on its application. It might seem to most people that you could put any tile anywhere, but when it comes down to it, there are certain recommended applications better for one verses the other.
Ceramic tile, generally made from a coarse clay that has been fired to harden. Ceramic tiles more porus and will absorb water more, so this tile is not recommended for outdoor installs if you live in a region that could get frost over the winter time.
Porcelain tile is made from a smooth white clay with very high density, fired at very high heat. Definitely the strongest surface available for indoor and outdoor application, but if installing out doors keep in mind to purchase a tile with an abrasive surface to avoid slip and fall accidents.
Stone tiles are harvested from stone slabs and each individual tile will look slightly different, they are all unique. Stone is one of the most beautiful flooring choice you can put in your home or pool deck. It is so versatile we can use it in your bathroom, fireplace or backsplash and of course on the floor. Available so many sizes, shapes and colors you can create the most unique look to your home.
Glass tiles will add awesome accent colors to your back splash or wonderful mosaics in shower resembling a waterfall or just a unique pattern, you can think of and put together, the options are endless. Visit our showroom in South Orlando- Kissimmee area and let us guide you in creating your own personal space, kitchen, bathrooms, decks, or entire flooring in your home..
We love doing entire bathroom remodels!
Our collections include tiles from American Olean, Alfagress, Crossville,Dal Tile, Happy Floors, IWT, Shaw, SA, TK, Blue cross, Bastile, Mohawk and more…
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